Nail Training (Gel Polish)

Are you thinking of becoming a nail artist as your next career, or do you just want to enjoy taking care of your own nails?

We offer a variety of nail courses to meet your goals.

We will teach you how to do amazing nails from scratch, even if you have never done it before.

Nail Training Testimonial

I went into this course not knowing anything about the application process of gel polish but I wanted to learn as I enjoy painting and anything artistic. I didn’t realise the importance of the preparation and maintenance of my clients nails until Ai thoroughly explained each step and the significance of them. Having a patient and kind teacher made me feel comfortable in making mistakes and asking many many questions which helped me get the most out of this course. Even though the course has finished, I’m still able to text Ai whenever I have a question about what product to buy or how to perfect a technique and she replies in great detail! I came out of the course confident in applying gel polish to clients as I got to test my knowledge and skills on a real client on the last day of the course. I was nervous but Ai gave me useful tips along the way and made me feel very comfortable. Although my intentions are not to work for a nail salon, Ai still taught me the professional way of doing each step. I’m very happy with what I’ve learnt and achieved during this 3 day course and I’m keen to come back to learn even more! Now, I have started a small gel polish business which is helping raise pocket money for when I start university this year (plus I know I’m not damaging any of my clients nails thanks to Ai). Thank you!! – Sue